10 Benefits Of A 4WD Suspension Lift


10 Benefits Of A 4WD Suspension Lift

1.A suspension lift will give you increased clearance.
A suspension lift kit is a popular 4WD vehicle part that raises the body of your car. This means the underbody of your vehicle is more protected when travelling off road and on uneven surfaces.

2. You will get better visibility with an increased ride height.
Because your ride will be sitting higher as you travel, you will have increased visibility over the road ahead. This is beneficial when travelling on outback roads and remote areas. It will also help you navigate tricky tracks when heading off road.

3. Dobinson’s suspension lift kits are affordable and reputable.
When purchasing a suspension lift kit, you will quickly notice that there are several brands and types to choose from. Dobinson’s suspension lift kits are one of the most recognised and reputable lift kit brands, offering complete value for money and quality with your purchase. For tailored advice specific to your vehicle make and model, you can chat to a mechanic or one of our qualified aftermarket product team members.

4. Suspension lift kits are easy to purchase online.
Lift kits can easily be purchased throughout our online vehicle parts supplier store. We are experts in 4WD aftermarket products, so feel free to contact our team for further information about any of our products.

5. Suspension lifts can make room for larger tyres.
When your vehicle sits higher, you may be able to have larger tyres installed. This is beneficial if you prefer heavy duty tyres on your vehicle.

6. Lifting your car offers generally safer everyday driving.
The larger your vehicle is, the safer it is when heading out and about. Raising your ride height ensures you safer, especially in contexts where you are travelling off road and across tricky terrain.

7. A suspension lift can enhance how much you are able to tow.
If you plan on towing a caravan or trailer, you might need a suspension lift to increase your vehicle’s towing capacity. The suspension lift will reduce droop and drag towards the rear of your vehicle as it copes with the weight being towed. This is something that you may want to confirm with the vehicle manufacturer.

8. A lifted car body can improve the ride experience.
Higher vehicles are known to offer a smoother ride experience, particularly when hitting outback corrugations and dealing with uneven road surfaces.

9. A lift kit will make your vehicle’s underbody easier to access.
Another advantage of a suspension lift kit is that it will offer quicker and simpler access to the underbody of your vehicle.

10. Lifting your suspension will allow more extreme approach and departure angles.
One of the biggest challenges when travelling on 4WD tracks is getting enough clearance to approach and depart rough terrain. Suspension lifts are designed to enable this extreme sort of movement and permit your vehicle to negotiate these difficult tracks. Our 4WD aftermarket store online offers more products to assist with off road capability.

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