10 reasons to get a suspension lift for your 4WD


10 reasons to get a suspension lift for your 4WD

Passionate off-roaders love to amplify their vehicle in every possible way. However, budget restrictions are often a fact of life and they can control what 4WD aftermarket products we do or don’t purchase for our car.

In some cases, four wheel drive owners find themselves having to choose between certain products because they simply cannot afford them all.

We believe that a suspension lift is one of the crucial initial upgrades that you should have added to your car before anything else. Therefore, we have outlined ten key reasons for getting a decent suspension upgrade to strengthen both the potential and overall performance of your vehicle.

  1. Get a greater ground clearance.

As soon as you begin venturing into less-travelled areas, you will realise that dodgy ground can easily damage the underside of your vehicle. By lifting your vehicle’s body higher, you are effectively reducing the amount of rocks and debris that will flick back into the underbody.

  1. Allow better access to the underbody of your vehicle.

Lift kit or not, it is fairly inevitable that something will happen to the underside of your car at some point. Generally, this is a challenging area to reach and identify the problem. However, a good suspension lift will permit much better access to the underbody of your car so you can solve the issue as soon as possible. Additionally, some 4WDs store their spare wheel in the underside of the vehicle, so quicker access means less troubles when you need to change a tyre.

  1. Increase your towing ability.

Different 4WDs have different towing capacities. If your vehicle is slightly weaker in this regard, your backend could awkwardly drag if you attempt to tow a heavy trailer. In turn, this will impact your 4WD’s performance and cause unnecessary wear on your back tyres.  Almost all caravans and motorhomes will be too heavy to tow unless you have a lift suspension.

  1. Gain better visibility.

When your car body is higher off the ground, your driver and passengers will obviously be subject to increased visibility. You will be able to see further and lower, which will be hugely beneficial during those unpredictable off-road escapades. Thankfully, you can get cheap 4WD lift kits online in our MYTUFF4X4 store.

  1. Permit steeper approaches.

In hilly terrain, some off-roaders are limited by the low clearance of their 4WD. When a hill is too steep, they risk scrapping and damaging their front bumper or bulbar. 4WD owners with a Dobinson’s lift kit do not need to worry about such an issue. Being higher from the ground means they can take a steeper approach without experiencing any negative impacts to their car.

  1. Look bloody brilliant.

Just admit it… suspension lifts look frickin’ awesome. Browse our online 4WD store to see our range of suspension lift kits.

  1. Make room for bigger and better tyres.

If you are purchasing your vehicle with highway tyres, there is no doubt that you will be upgrading to all-terrains in the near future. The higher your suspension is, the more space there is for powerful wheels.

  1. Allow maximum weight to be carried in the vehicle body.

If you and your family are interested in adventuring beyond the beaten track, you may often need to load your car with camping gear. Down the line, you may be interested in installing a drawer system into the boot section of your four wheel drive or placing a roof top tent onto your roof racks. Alternatively, the racks could be loaded with bikes, surfboards or additional storage. The more that you use your vehicle, the more likely you are to want to add items like a fridge or furniture in the back.

Having four people in the car, a drawer system with fridge in the back, and a bunch of other items on the roof could take you above the maximum load limit for your car. The best suspension lifts in Australia will allow you to load your car with heavy materials and not have an unbalanced load or backend that is dragging along the ground. It will essentially permit additional weight on the car without negatively affecting your vehicle’s functionality.

  1. Stop a bull bar from affecting your performance.

Similarly to the point above, a suspension lift is crucial to allow more weight to be carried. Even the best bull bars in Australia can be extremely heavy additions to your vehicle. There is only so much weight that one vehicle can take. Without a lift, your bull bar could drag the front of your 4WD down so that it reduces ground clearance and restricts your overall performance.

  1. Love your 4WD as much as possible.

At the end of the day, a lift suspension kit will ensure that you are making the most of your beloved car. By installing a 4WD lift suspension, you are opening yourself to endless opportunity and expanded potential.

Do we recommend lift suspension kits as a must-have addition to your vehicle? Absolutely.

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