10 reasons to get a suspension lift for your 4WD

Passionate off-roaders love to amplify their vehicle in every possible way. However, budget restrictions are often a fact of life and they can control what 4WD aftermarket products we do or don’t purchase for our car.

In some cases, four wheel drive owners find themselves having to choose between certain products because they simply cannot afford them all.

We believe that a suspension lift is one of the crucial initial upgrades that you should have added to your car before anything else. Therefore, we have outlined ten key reasons for getting a decent suspension upgrade to strengthen both the potential and overall performance of your vehicle.

  1. Get a greater ground clearance.

As soon as you begin venturing into less-travelled areas, you will realise that dodgy ground can easily damage the underside of your vehicle. By lifting your vehicle’s body higher, you are effectively reducing the amount of rocks and debris that will flick back into the underbody.

  1. Allow better access to the underbody of your vehicle.

Lift kit or not, it is fairly inevitable that something will happen to the underside of your car at some point. Generally, this is a challenging area to reach and identify the problem. However, a good suspension lift will permit much better access to the underbody of your car so you can solve the issue as soon as possible. Additionally, some 4WDs store their spare wheel in the underside of the vehicle, so quicker access means less troubles when you need to change a tyre.

  1. Increase your towing ability.

Different 4WDs have different towing capacities. If your vehicle is slightly weaker in this regard, your backend could awkwardly drag if you attempt to tow a heavy trailer. In turn, this will impact your 4WD’s performance and cause unnecessary wear on your back tyres.  Almost all caravans and motorhomes will be too heavy to tow unless you have a lift suspension.

  1. Gain better visibility.

When your car body is higher off the ground, your driver and passengers will obviously be subject to increased visibility. You will be able to see further and lower, which will be hugely beneficial during those unpredictable off-road escapades. Thankfully, you can get cheap 4WD lift kits online in our MYTUFF4X4 store.

  1. Permit steeper approaches.

In hilly terrain, some off-roaders are limited by the low clearance of their 4WD. When a hill is too steep, they risk scrapping and damaging their front bumper or bulbar. 4WD owners with a Dobinson’s lift kit do not need to worry about such an issue. Being higher from the ground means they can take a steeper approach without experiencing any negative impacts to their car.

  1. Look bloody brilliant.

Just admit it… suspension lifts look frickin’ awesome. Browse our online 4WD store to see our range of suspension lift kits.

  1. Make room for bigger and better tyres.

If you are purchasing your vehicle with highway tyres, there is no doubt that you will be upgrading to all-terrains in the near future. The higher your suspension is, the more space there is for powerful wheels.

  1. Allow maximum weight to be carried in the vehicle body.

If you and your family are interested in adventuring beyond the beaten track, you may often need to load your car with camping gear. Down the line, you may be interested in installing a drawer system into the boot section of your four wheel drive or placing a roof top tent onto your roof racks. Alternatively, the racks could be loaded with bikes, surfboards or additional storage. The more that you use your vehicle, the more likely you are to want to add items like a fridge or furniture in the back.

Having four people in the car, a drawer system with fridge in the back, and a bunch of other items on the roof could take you above the maximum load limit for your car. The best suspension lifts in Australia will allow you to load your car with heavy materials and not have an unbalanced load or backend that is dragging along the ground. It will essentially permit additional weight on the car without negatively affecting your vehicle’s functionality.

  1. Stop a bull bar from affecting your performance.

Similarly to the point above, a suspension lift is crucial to allow more weight to be carried. Even the best bull bars in Australia can be extremely heavy additions to your vehicle. There is only so much weight that one vehicle can take. Without a lift, your bull bar could drag the front of your 4WD down so that it reduces ground clearance and restricts your overall performance.

  1. Love your 4WD as much as possible.

At the end of the day, a lift suspension kit will ensure that you are making the most of your beloved car. By installing a 4WD lift suspension, you are opening yourself to endless opportunity and expanded potential.

Do we recommend lift suspension kits as a must-have addition to your vehicle? Absolutely.

nudge vs bullbar

Nudge bar vs bull bar: What do you need?

Amongst all of the world’s four wheel driving buffs, there has been a long-lasting argument comparing nudge bars and bull bars. When shopping for aftermarket 4WD products, all buyers come to a point where they must question which frontal bar product they wish to purchase. For most people, the choice between a nudge bar and a bull bar is a daunting one.

As off-roading specialists, we have engaged with many customers that face this dilemma. Although many 4WD enthusiasts bow down to bull bars, there are still quite a few consumers who are perfectly satisfied with their nudge bar.

First of all, in order to distinguish which 4WD aftermarket accessory is best, we need to recognise what their chief purpose is and why a bar is needed for your vehicle. Essentially, these bars are designed and installed for three central reasons:

  • To protect your vehicle in the case of collision (this could be an animal, tree scrub or another car).
  • To protect the cooling system from unwanted debris.
  • To enable better recovery with winches if the vehicle becomes bogged or stranded.

Almost everybody who owns a four wheel drive, loves their four wheel drive. It comes hand in hand. Therefore, it is no surprise why these vehicle owners would want to protect their beloved car. However, will nudge bars and bull bars provide the same level of cover?

To decide between the two bar systems, we need to nut out the key differences between nudge bars and bull bars.

1. Price.

One of the major differences between nudge bars and bull bars is their price. Notably, nudge bars are a cheaper 4WD accessory, whereas bull bars can often be double or triple the price. Whilst some people may be looking for the cheapest nudge bars possible, others will be happy to pay additional if it means a better quality product.

2. Appearance.

Bull bars and nudge bars have different designs. While a bull bar reaches around the full extent of your vehicles front, a nudge bar only presents a barrier across the front-most area. According to many people, a bull bar appears visually tougher, whereas a nudge bar is a less intrusive accessory.

3. Functionality.

Although nudge bars and bull bars are installed onto the same part of your vehicle, they have different levels of effectiveness. Because of the difference in size, one option provides more protection and coverage than the other.

Bull bars are the bigger bar option, so they can essentially protect the entire frontage of your vehicle, including the headlights. Nudge bars, on the other hand, are smaller and will only protect you from straight-on collisions. They are usually not as strong and stable as bull bars, so they might also be less capable during recovery proceedings. It is important to note that these measures of quality are also dependent on the brand of bar that you purchase, as well as the particular material types that are incorporated into the design.

Picture this. If you hit a kangaroo whilst out and about, a nudge bar will only provide some protection. In the case that the kangaroo hits the front side of your vehicle, it might provide no protection. On the other hand, a bull bar can give protection, even if you do not hit the kangaroo directly front-on.

Should you get a nudge bar or bull bar?

At the end of the day, bull bars do provide more protection for your vehicle. They are typically a stronger product that can offer you greater capabilities and value. The catch? Their price tag is not as heart-warming.

Whether you decide to purchase a nudge bar or bull bar will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you only have minimal cash to splurge, it might be best to only invest in a nudge bar. However, if you are willing to invest in a product with better functionality, you could look more seriously at bull bars. You should also consider that you may have to pay for bull bar installation, which will be an additional cost.

You can purchase both nudge bars and bull bars online for reasonable prices. We recommend dealing with popular Australian 4WD brands, such as Dobinsons.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, certain bars may or may not be appropriate for you. Before purchasing any 4WD products online, you should check that it can be installed on your specific vehicle make and model.

Our online 4WD store has a variety of car aftermarket products that can amplify the capabilities of your vehicle. As well as nudge bars and bull bars, we provide other protective product and recovery gear to support your off-roading adventures. If you need any information on a specific product, you can contact one of our expert team members.

Aftermarket Accessories

Most popular aftermarket accessories for your 4WD.

There is only one thing more satisfying and exciting than the ‘new car’ smell of your recently purchased four wheel drive.

After purchasing a brand new vehicle, the first thing that most off-roading enthusiasts will do is start searching for aftermarket accessories online. Browsing the great range of four wheel drive modifications can genuinely make a heart beat faster with delight.

We are not denying that a plain four wheel drive or ute is great as it comes. But, let us not beat around the bush. 4WD accessories are the key features that will enhance your car from being just any old ute, to being something that everybody will admire in the local shopping centre car park.

It goes without mentioning that good aftermarket accessories can improve your adventuring capabilities and allow you to get more pleasure from your vehicle.

In addition to being super exciting, browsing aftermarket modifications can be a little confusing and sometimes a touch daunting. Particularly for those of us who may have a significant other watching the bank account balance, it can be challenging to know where your money will be best spend.

Businesses might be pushing certain items within their retail range, but how can you be certain that the products will truly impact your vehicle’s performance or improve the overall visual appeal?

With many years of experience in the industry, we have created a short and sweet list of the best 4WD accessories in Australia. Keep reading to get your heart racing with anticipation.

1. 4WD suspension kits
A suspension lift on your vehicle will not only look remarkably beastly, but it will boost your vehicle’s performance. Body lifts offer a taller ride, more protection for your underbody and body, greater clearance, steeper descents and steeper climbs. With the range of benefits they offer, it is no wonder why most people get a lift on their car before doing anything else.

2. 4WD snorkels
For people who love getting dirty, wet and dangerous, snorkels are a must-have feature. All popular Australian snorkels will stop dirt, water or debris from entering your engine and bonnet space. The creative design permits air to enter from above your car, rather than the expose frontal area. Consider that an all-clear for river crossings, sandy drives and unsealed roads.

3. 4WD nudge bars
Although you may not plan to hit anything, some obstacles are unavoidable. Quality nudge bars and bull bars will safeguard the front of your 4WD from unexpected hits and bumps. Installing a nudge bar is a certain way to keep your engine safe and sound.

4. 4WD underbody armour
When you are driving on rough and unpredictable terrain, there is likely to be rocks and debris that gets kicked up from your tyres and smacked into the underbody of your 4WD. Protection for your underbody is vital so that your radiator and sump do not get damaged. It is an investment for the future.

5. 4WD spotlights
Are you going to be travelling at dusk, dawn or sundown? This is the prime time for kangaroos and other wildlife to dash across the road without warning. The best car spotlights will allow you to see far into the distance and prepare for anything ahead on the road.  Another lighting option for your vehicle could be a LED light bar.

6. 4WD side awnings
If you plan to go camping with your vehicle, an awning is a popular leisure accessory to add to your four wheel drive or ute. Awnings typically extend from the side of a roof rack and are held up with poles or pegs. They offer shade and wind protection if you are relaxing outside of the car.

7. 4WD recovery gear
Unlike the aforementioned accessories, a four wheel driving recovery kit is not something that gets semi-permanently attached to your vehicle. Recovery gear, such as recovery ropes, recovery tracks and winch extension straps, will usually be stored in the body of the vehicle and pulled out when you get yourself into a sticky situation.

If you are completely honest with yourself, having all of the above modifications means you are sure to be heading off the beaten track and into some remote and challenging zones. Having recovery products is crucial for keeping you safe and able when you venture out into the wilderness.

8. And more.
There are plenty of popular aftermarket products for four wheel drives available online. Purchasing via reputable digital stores means that you are likely to obtain cheap 4WD accessories that do not have any reduction in quality.

For some vehicle inspiration, browse our online 4WD accessory store. As well as having every possible product in our range, we stock the best brands and most reliable suppliers. By purchasing with us, you are guaranteed to receive bang for your buck.

Suspension Lift Kit

What is the best 4WD suspension lift kit in 2019?

Four wheel driving enthusiasts are known for nothing less than big, beefy cars and big, beefy adventures. Those in the off-roading scene understand the importance of a large robust vehicle that can allow them to do… pretty much anything they want.

Amidst some come and go trends of the four wheel driving world is one particular craze that has now been relentlessly popular for many years.

Suspension lifts
Upon purchasing a new off-roading vehicle, many are quick to install a lift on their vehicle. Most owners of a 4WD or SUV swear by it. However, few can agree on what lift kit is the greatest value for money or has the most trustworthy products within.

As a trusted 4WD online store, we understand the ins and outs of lift kits. We can also recommend the best suspension lift package to assist with the safe and sturdy lifting of your car body.

First of all, it is important to evaluate exactly what a suspension lift is and why you may want one for your vehicle. Then, we can begin discussing the most popular lift kits and what kit will suit your car best.

What are 4WD lift kits?
A suspension lift is a modification to your four wheel drive that effectively raises the ride height. It lifts the car body higher than its original state. The most common reasons for a suspension lift include:

  • Higher ground clearance
  • Steeper approach
  • Steeper departure
  • Easier access to underbody of vehicle
  • Ability to install larger tyres
  • Better visibility from car seats
  • Potential to tow a greater weight
  • Extremely attractive visual appeal

A lift kit is a package that contains all of the tools and parts necessary to complete a suspension lift. The actual pieces that are included will depend on what brand of lift kit it is. Typically, it could include items like lift blocks, spacers, axles, and coil springs. Certain vehicle makes and models may also need specific materials to complete the suspension lift.

Although some car owners prefer to have their lift completed by a trained mechanic, others are willing to do the job themselves by purchasing their own lift kit. Lift kits are an aftermarket 4WD package, so they are predominantly sold online through off-roading stores.

Even if you want installation conducted by a professional, most mechanics will still require you to purchase the lift kit for them to perform the suspension lift with.

What are the most popular lift kits in Australia right now?
As with any four wheel drive product, there are a number of brands making lift kits. With each and every company claiming they have the best lift kits around, it can be difficult to understand which kit is actually the most useful.

Some of the common brands associated with suspension lift kits are:

  • Dobinsons
  • Bilstein
  • Tough Dog
  • EFS
  • Fox

Dobinsons are Bilstein are both Australian based companies, so their products can have cheaper shipping than international brands. They also understand the current Australian laws surrounding suspension lifts and only create legal equipment that meets local standards.

As a suspension lift is a serious and significant modification to a vehicle, it is best to purchase a trusted brand through a reliable 4WD store. Both Dobinsons and Bilstein lift kits are generally cheaper when purchased through online stores.

The best-selling lift kit in Australia.
Undoubtedly, one of the best-selling lift kit brands is Dobinsons. Regardless of whether you have a Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Pajero or other SUV/4WD ute type, Dobinsons will have a lift kit to suit.

Dobinsons lift kits are custom built in Australia, for Australian conditions. One of their most popular products at the moment is the Dobinsons Monotube Suspension Kit which comes with the ability to adjust ride height in the front of the vehicle. This can be particular beneficial for anybody looking to level out their front end to take into consideration the weight of a bulbar, dual battery or winch.

Ultimately, your choice of lift kit will depend on your unique budget, brand understandings and vehicle model type.

At MYTUFF4X4 we proudly sell a variety of lift kits to suit a range of vehicles and financial plans. All of the lift kits sold in our online 4WD store have been tested and tried for quality and durability. We sell products and equipment from trusted brands that produce quality materials. To put it simply: if you are purchasing from MYTUFF4X4, you can are buying superiority and reliability.

We even offer competitively cheap lift kits in comparison to other aftermarket 4WD online stores.

To make the process of purchasing your lift kit even easier, we offer instant customer care support. When you have questions about the best lift kit for your vehicle, feel welcome to chat to our qualified team.

Best 4WD Snorkels

The Best 4WD Snorkels on the Market in 2019

snorkel for sale

Snorkels are a crucial element of every 4WD. Particularly for those of us who are outdoor-obsessed and like to make the most of our automobile beasts, a quality snorkel can ensure peak performance.

Do you hang in the left lane in an attempt to catch every puddle, just to get that river crossing adrenalin feeling? Then, yes, we are talking to you.

Your snorkel is the central feature allowing for engine air intake to be captured at the height of your vehicle, rather than at the bonnet. In the short term, a snorkel means no water or dirty air can enter into your engine and damage it. It will stop destruction to the internal elements of your vehicle and it will allow for faster engine speed.

Down the line, the best snorkel for your car will result in less maintenance costs, and many reports state that it can even improve fuel efficiency. Needless to say, a snorkel will also make you look like the real deal.

But, where do 4WD enthusiasts begin looking? With so many accessories available on the market, it can be difficult to know what is the most popular 4WD snorkel?

As a team dedicated to the industry, we can recommend our top snorkels in 2019 based on quality, performance and price.

1. Dobinsons Snorkels
The Dobinsons brand have been creating 4WD accessories for more than fifty years. Although their specialty is 4WD coil and leaf springs, they are increasingly becoming recognised for their other popular 4WD accessories, including snorkels.

When searching in the correct places, you can find Dobinsons snorkels online and at affordable price points. Generally, a quality snorkel from Dobinsons will set you back $250-$350 AUD, meaning they are some of the cheapest 4WD snorkels in Australia. Their product range includes snorkels for all major 4WD varieties, including the Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Patrol and Ford Ranger.

Dobinsons snorkels are regarded as some of the toughest and most reliable snorkels on the market. Their durable nature means they can withstand the most challenging environments without becoming cracked or damaged. It is vital to choose renowned brands, like Dobinsons, instead of cheap imitation snorkels so that your product can fit your car correctly and have a long lasting nature.

2. Safari Snorkels
Safari are another well-known brand for 4WD snorkels. Similarly to Dobinsons, their range is extensive. Regardless of the make of your vehicle – whether it be Holden, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi or Mazda – there will be a Safari snorkel to suit.

Each and every one of the Safari snorkels currently available is UV resistant, so the snorkel will be unaffected by harsh climates. Additionally, the thickness of the snorkels ensure that they can bear significant knocks and bumps without breaking. Their price point is generally a touch higher than their competitor, Dobinson, but the brand ensures the strength of their snorkels equal increased value.

Safari is an Australian owned and operated company, and hence it is a trusted Australian snorkel brand. Many critics comment on the rounded style air ram which allows for optimised air flow. As a testament to their quality, some Safari products, such as the ARMAX V6 Snorkel, come with a lifetime warranty.

3. Stainless Steel Snorkels
As an alternative to the common cross linked polyethylene material or plastic, some off-roading enthusiasts are turning to the best stainless steel snorkels. Typically, it is said that the steel offers more robustness and greater durability than other plastic varieties. They also appear slicker and shinier on the outer of your vehicle and better match the rest of the car’s exterior.

Critics are still questioning whether stainless steel snorkels are actually better than plastic, but some purchasers are confident that the steel material allows for better air flow and structural sturdiness.

In many cases, steel snorkels are more expensive. However, you can still purchase a stainless steel snorkel for cheap online. Depending on the make of your vehicle, you can expect to pay $700-$800 AUD for a stainless steel option. With an air box included, you may be looking at around $1,550 AUD.

The best snorkel for your make and model.
Ultimately, the best snorkel for you will depend on your unique budget and specific 4WD make/model. When shopping at an online 4WD snorkel store, you will have the opportunity to browse a variety of brands and compare their individual features and abilities.

Of course, once you have chosen your perfect snorkel, the next task is to install it. Correct and sturdy installation of 4wd accessories ensures that they will perform as anticipated on your vehicle. The experienced team at MYTUFF4WD can not only recommend an ideal snorkel for your vehicle, but they will also handle the installation process. As a full service, fully certified mechanical workshop, you can rest assured that the installation of your 4wd snorkel will be placed in reliable hands.

For any queries, you can contact the MYTUFF4WD team today.