Must-Have 4WD Aftermarket Products For Summer

It’s sunny, hot and humid in almost every major capital city in Australia. Summer may already be halfway through, but there is still plenty of time to get outdoors and experience the weather our country is most well-known for.

Getting out and about in your off-road vehicle is the best way to soak up your environment, no matter if you’re at the river, beach or inland. To maximise your enjoyment for the remainder of Summer, but sure to purchase some of these 4WD accessories near me. They will help you stay safe and have fun in our great outdoors!


  1. 4WD LED lighting.

LED lights and spotlights are super useful when exploring or camping in your 4WD. If you like to head to remote destinations, spotlights are crucial for spotting wildlife and ensuring there aren’t any near misses while travelling on the road. LED lighting can also be handy while you’re hanging out around your campsite. It means there’s no need for annoying headlights, and you can see all your surrounds around the campfire easily.

  1. 4WD side awning.

To get some shade and avoid being in the direct heat of the sun, you will need to purchase a 4WD awning online. Awnings are one of the most popular 4WD accessories online in our 4WD aftermarket store, and they’re a must-have item when adventuring in Summer. You can even get awning walls and an awning tent to make a complete campsite setup next to your car. We recommend starting with the 2 x 2.5m awning as shown in our online 4WD store.

  1. 4WD suspension lift kit.

To help with surviving off-road tracks over Summer, you will need a 4WD suspension lift kit. We highly recommend the Dobinsons lift kit, which has all the gear necessary to enhance your vehicle. Suspension lift kits can be very useful when driving on sand dunes in particular. The additional clearance provided by a 4WD suspension lift Australia ensures you can get across rough and challenging changes in the landscape. You can get Dobinsons lift kits online and from most major stores offering 4WD accessories Australia.

  1. 4WD snorkel.

Flash flooding and high creek levels can still occur in the middle of Summer! That’s why you need to buy a 4WD snorkel online, and help safeguard how your vehicle functions during and after creek crossings and interactions with high water levels. Browse our 4WD accessories near me to make a purchase.

  1. 4WD winches.

To ensure you can get yourself out of any unfortunate emergencies, it’s crucial that you carry a 4WD winch Australia and other relevant recovery gear onboard at all times. We strongly recommend the Dobinsons electric winch, which is sure to get you out of any sticky situations. You should also consider purchasing a dampener blanket and additional safety gear. Safety is vital when working with winches.