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12 Ways To Improve Your 4WD Performance Off Road

  1. Have a suspension lift installed to your vehicle.

Suspension lifts are excellent for people who plan to get off the beaten track, as they allow for better clearance when navigating tricky trails. It also means you can carry more weight in your 4WD without the car sagging. We highly recommend the Dobinson’s brand when purchasing lift kits Australia.

  1. Purchase a bull bar or nudge bar.

A bull bar is important if you plan on driving at night when wildlife may be out and about. Bull bars will provide more coverage and protection than a nudge bar, however a nudge bar may be a more cost-effective option.

  1. Get out and about with a fleet of vehicles.

Going off-roading is always more fun when you’ve got friends in front and behind you. It also means that you’ll have another car to help you out of a sticky situation if you get bogged or stuck. This should help to boost your confidence while also keeping you safe.

  1. Get a top-quality snorkel.

Snorkels are crucial when completing creek crossings, so be sure to have once installed before you head out bush. A quality snorkel is sure to enhance your performance. Browse our website for snorkels and the best 4WD products Australia.

  1. Keep recovery gear in your car at all times.

Recovery gear, including winches, high lift jacks, kinetic recovery ropes, snatch straps and other 4WD aftermarket products, will help to get you out of the most frightening and complex situations.

  1. Take a 4WDing course.

Many companies around the country offering short and affordable off-roading courses that help you learn the tricks of the trade. You can often take your own vehicle and get practical experience on tough tracks.

  1. Use a sand flag when driving on dunes.

When driving through dune systems, it can be difficult to see cars that may be cresting a hill at the same time as you. Always install a sand flag to ensure your vehicle can be seen.

  1. Get an air compressor.

An air compressor is important and helpful when you need to pump up your tyres in a remote location. You can also get an air deflator for when you need to lower your tyres.  See these items and more in our online 4WD store.

  1. Ask your local tyre shop for the best tyres for off-roading.

Tyres can have an enormous influence on how comfortable and capable your vehicle is. The best 4WD tyres usually have large tread to help traverse unusual ground surfaces.

  1. Use towing mirrors and trailer braking when carting a caravan or camper trailer.

If towing a load, it’s essential that you have all the necessary gear to enable safely and increase control/visibility over the load being towed.

  1. Get a dash cam installed.

What’s the point in all this fun if there’s no evidence of what you achieved!

  1. Use GME UHF CB radios.

UHF radio will help you communicate with other drivers and call for help if you ever need it. It’s a must-have whenever you venture off into the wilderness.