8 most important recovery gear products


8 most important recovery gear products

Off-roading pros love to believe that they are the toughest of the tough. However embarking on a 4WD adventure without the correct recovery and emergency gear does not demonstrate toughness. It only suggests that you are incapable of adequately preparing! Our popular 4WD store has a range of speciality four wheel drive recovery gear and equipment, as well as other aftermarket products to amplify what your vehicle is capable of. Get in touch with our team if you require any further information on our quality aftermarket accessories.

  1. 4WD recovery track device.

The most likely thing that will go wrong while you are travelling on challenging paths is that your vehicle will become lodged in the terrain. Particular on muddy and sandy paths, you can get into a situation where your tyres are quickly sinking into the ground. Getting out of this circumstance is tricky, but not impossible. The most important piece of equipment you need to save yourself and your car is a recovery track device. You can place the sturdy track in front of your tyres and give the vehicle a tough surface to escape on. We highly recommend the Tred Pro Recovery Device as a reliable and easy-to-use tool. Alternatively, the DT-RTRACK Recovery Device is a cheaper and more compact option.

  1. Emergency flares

Flares are crucial when travelling in remote areas. When you are unlucky and get yourself into a nightmare situation, you can use the flare to signal for help. If you use your 4WD to tow a boat, you should already have flares in the boat storage, as they are a legal requirement in most states when out in the open sea. The fishing patrols are regularly dishing out fines and punishment to anybody that fails to carry a flare with them.

  1. 4WD winches

A winch is a tool that is used to adjust the tension of a rope or wire rope to pull inwards. 4WD quality winches are powerful enough to pull an entire vehicle out of deep mud. When in a sticky situation, winches can be used to heave your vehicle out of its position and thrust it forward. Two of the best brands for winches are Dobinsons winches and Runva winches. There a number of different types available within these brands, such as electric winches, hydraulic winches and industrial winches. Make sure you research how to use winches safely, as they can be a dangerous piece of equipment if used incorrectly.

  1. First aid kit

Having a first aid kit may sound obvious, but when thinking so much about the specifics of their car, many people often forget to chuck some first aid products into the boot. When working on your car in emergency situations, it is highly likely that you will endure some form of injury (even if it is just a scratch), so being prepared is a must. In your kit, you should have: band aids, bandages, gauze dressings, tweezers, disposable gloves, safety pins, antiseptic cream, sticky tape, scissors, burn cream, antihistamine tablets, and alcohol-free cleansing wipes.

  1. Tyre deflating and inflating tools

In a tricky situation on sand or mud, you might need to alter the amount of air in your tyres in order to roll your vehicle out more easily. To deflate the tyres, you will need a Tyre Deflator. To pump them back up, you will need an Air Compressor. MYTUFF4X4 proudly sells some of the cheapest tyre deflators and highest quality air compressors.

  1. 4WD snatch traps

A snatch trap is a tool used to recover vehicles when they are stuck in tough terrain. One of the ends of the snatch trap will be attached to the trapped vehicle, and the other end will often be attached to a tree or sturdy structure. The strap itself stores kinetic energy which can then pull the 4WD out of a bog. Our online 4WD store sells a number of snatch trap varieties to match different vehicle weights and specifics.

  1. High lift jacks

A high lift jack is a critical form of equipment necessary in situations that require lifting, pushing, pulling, winching or clamping of your vehicle. A high lift jack, as opposed to a standard jack, is needed for larger vehicles and vehicles that have a suspension lift or oversized tyres. We sell both 4WD jacks and accessories to go alongside them.

  1. A shovel

If you can’t move around the land, then you need to move the land around you! Unsurprisingly, a shovel is a handy tool for giving your tyres some breathing space. Most of us don’t have enough room to put a full-sized shovel in the back of our car, but there is a more portable fold-down shovel available now in our 4WD shop.

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