How To Maximise Storage In Your 4WD


How To Maximise Storage In Your 4WD

It doesn’t take long for your 4WD to become cluttered with your belongings…

If you are a camping/lifestyle enthusiast, you will probably want to use your boot and backseats for storing chairs, tents, hiking and fishing equipment, cooking materials, eskies, and more.

If you are a tradesman, a four wheel drive is the perfect vehicle for lugging your heavy and large tools. Being someone that works out of your car, it is important that you can fit as much material and equipment in order to complete any job.

If you have a family, your car is probably considered to be the taxi for your children’s sporting and schooling events. Baby car seats and prams are large items and can easily eat up the space in your backseat area and boot area.

Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can maximise the space you have in your vehicle. In most cases, you should look towards utilising space externally, either on the roof or at the rear. As your 4WD aftermarket parts specialists, here are the key accessories we recommend.

  1. Ute canopy.

A ute canopy essentially heightens and encloses the tray space at the back of your vehicle. It sits atop the tray of your ute and allows you to fill your tray with ample goods, but still keep them secure and contained. The most popular ute canopies are built with flexi-glass material and allow easy access via windows into the tray space. Our online 4WD store features a wide range of cheap four wheel drive accessories, including the best ute canopies in Australia.

  1. Roof racks.

Without quality roof racks or cross bars installed on the top of your vehicle, there is no way to utilise the roof space. The best 4WD roof racks are strong in nature, so they can carry a variety of items including bikes, canoes, storage boxes, whitegoods, and more. If you have a ute, it is also possible to install roof racks atop the rear canopy. The EGR heavy duty rear canopy roof racks are our top recommendation.

  1. Fishing rod holders.

If you are a die-hard fishing pro, you might consider purchasing bull bar fishing rod holders. As with any 4WD aftermarket accessory, it is important that you check with local authorities to see if your upgrades are legal. Some accessories that are positioned externally on your vehicle can pose a hazard to other road-users, and therefore they are considered illegal. In the case of fishing rod holders, a number of states in Australia do not allow them to be attached to the front of your vehicle.

  1. Suspension lift.

It’s not always physical space that becomes the problem when loading a four wheel drive. Sometimes the issue is relating to weight. When carrying a heavy load, you might notice that your car droops or sags at the rear. Additionally, the performance of the car could be affected and the amount of power in the vehicle will decrease.

To avoid this issue, you can invest in a 4WD suspension upgrade. 4WD lift kits come in a variety of makes and brands designed for different types of off-roading vehicles. Currently, one of the most popular lift kits in Australia is the Dobinsons comprehensive lift kit package. The 4X4 suspension kit features all of the tools and suspension parts that you need to complete a lift upgrade on your vehicle. You can either install the Dobinsons lift kit yourself or hand the kit to a trained mechanic/4WD aftermarket products specialist.

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