Most popular aftermarket accessories for your 4WD.

Aftermarket Accessories

Most popular aftermarket accessories for your 4WD.

There is only one thing more satisfying and exciting than the ‘new car’ smell of your recently purchased four wheel drive.

After purchasing a brand new vehicle, the first thing that most off-roading enthusiasts will do is start searching for aftermarket accessories online. Browsing the great range of four wheel drive modifications can genuinely make a heart beat faster with delight.

We are not denying that a plain four wheel drive or ute is great as it comes. But, let us not beat around the bush. 4WD accessories are the key features that will enhance your car from being just any old ute, to being something that everybody will admire in the local shopping centre car park.

It goes without mentioning that good aftermarket accessories can improve your adventuring capabilities and allow you to get more pleasure from your vehicle.

In addition to being super exciting, browsing aftermarket modifications can be a little confusing and sometimes a touch daunting. Particularly for those of us who may have a significant other watching the bank account balance, it can be challenging to know where your money will be best spend.

Businesses might be pushing certain items within their retail range, but how can you be certain that the products will truly impact your vehicle’s performance or improve the overall visual appeal?

With many years of experience in the industry, we have created a short and sweet list of the best 4WD accessories in Australia. Keep reading to get your heart racing with anticipation.

1. 4WD suspension kits
A suspension lift on your vehicle will not only look remarkably beastly, but it will boost your vehicle’s performance. Body lifts offer a taller ride, more protection for your underbody and body, greater clearance, steeper descents and steeper climbs. With the range of benefits they offer, it is no wonder why most people get a lift on their car before doing anything else.

2. 4WD snorkels
For people who love getting dirty, wet and dangerous, snorkels are a must-have feature. All popular Australian snorkels will stop dirt, water or debris from entering your engine and bonnet space. The creative design permits air to enter from above your car, rather than the expose frontal area. Consider that an all-clear for river crossings, sandy drives and unsealed roads.

3. 4WD nudge bars
Although you may not plan to hit anything, some obstacles are unavoidable. Quality nudge bars and bull bars will safeguard the front of your 4WD from unexpected hits and bumps. Installing a nudge bar is a certain way to keep your engine safe and sound.

4. 4WD underbody armour
When you are driving on rough and unpredictable terrain, there is likely to be rocks and debris that gets kicked up from your tyres and smacked into the underbody of your 4WD. Protection for your underbody is vital so that your radiator and sump do not get damaged. It is an investment for the future.

5. 4WD spotlights
Are you going to be travelling at dusk, dawn or sundown? This is the prime time for kangaroos and other wildlife to dash across the road without warning. The best car spotlights will allow you to see far into the distance and prepare for anything ahead on the road.  Another lighting option for your vehicle could be a LED light bar.

6. 4WD side awnings
If you plan to go camping with your vehicle, an awning is a popular leisure accessory to add to your four wheel drive or ute. Awnings typically extend from the side of a roof rack and are held up with poles or pegs. They offer shade and wind protection if you are relaxing outside of the car.

7. 4WD recovery gear
Unlike the aforementioned accessories, a four wheel driving recovery kit is not something that gets semi-permanently attached to your vehicle. Recovery gear, such as recovery ropes, recovery tracks and winch extension straps, will usually be stored in the body of the vehicle and pulled out when you get yourself into a sticky situation.

If you are completely honest with yourself, having all of the above modifications means you are sure to be heading off the beaten track and into some remote and challenging zones. Having recovery products is crucial for keeping you safe and able when you venture out into the wilderness.

8. And more.
There are plenty of popular aftermarket products for four wheel drives available online. Purchasing via reputable digital stores means that you are likely to obtain cheap 4WD accessories that do not have any reduction in quality.

For some vehicle inspiration, browse our online 4WD accessory store. As well as having every possible product in our range, we stock the best brands and most reliable suppliers. By purchasing with us, you are guaranteed to receive bang for your buck.

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