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With more than 2700 known vehicle applications, featuring over 3000 individual lines in both our Roadsafe and O.E.M. Products ranges, plus an additional range of over 700 lines in our ‘555’ Japanese brand, we believe that our steering and suspension line-up is the most comprehensive in Australasia, with continued part number development as needs are identified.

All Roadsafe parts are manufactured to Quality Standards and are inspected and tested to ensure the company’s high quality requirements are maintained prior to release to the market place. Roadsafe have worked exceptionally hard over the past years to build new and better features into both the products and ranges.

As manufacturing technology has improved, so too have the parts. The Roadsafe range of components have undergone some radical changes over the past years, to build extra special features into the parts. The outcome being, numerous benefits to ensure a superior long life product.

  • Boot Fitment
    Tie rod end boots have been redesigned to include internal metal spring rings, top and bottom. The inclusion of these rings ensures that the boot has a more secure and neat fit, thus offering greater resistance to contaminants.
  • Boot Material
    The material of the dust boots has been changed to a 100% CR neoprene. This new material is treated for high ozone and weather resistance, low flammability, and high oil, fuel and chemical tolerance, offering greater resistance to contaminants and increased longevity.
  • Ball Pin – Material
    Being one of the most critical components of any steering or suspension product, a great deal of time has been spent refining the ball pin. The ball pins on new items are now being manufactured from SCM435 molybdenum and chromium alloy steel.
  • Ball Pin – Hardness
    Heat treatment is applied to the ball studs making the hardness of the ball surface 20-25 Rockwell with depth of .3-.5mm. This hardening process aids the ball stud in reducing wear, providing for longer life of the component, and allowing the factory to offer their 3 year 100,000km Warranty.
  • Ball Pin – Movement
    Newly manufactured items also includes an extra production process in the ball pin called a ‘mirror treatment’. This finish involves the ball being polished to a radius tolerance of 0.0015mm. The polishing process gives the final ball stud a superior surface, and much smoother movement during rotation.
  • Encapsulation
    Over 90% of the new products coming through are now fully encapsulated, packed with high quality French Molybdenum Disulphide Grease. Full encapsulation offers zero movement in the ball stud, unlike the older style metal to metal designs. The full encapsulation provides for a smoother and quieter operation, and subsequent increased longevity.

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