Clutch Industries 4Terrain Ultimate Clutch Kit Ford Courier PG PH 2.5L TDI Turbo 4TU2005N

Clutch Industries 4Terrain Ultimate Clutch Kit Ford Courier PG PH 2.5L TDI Turbo 4TU2005N


  • Description


  • Chrome Vanadium Diaphragm for maximum durability
  • CI’s unique ER2 pressure plate patented technology for greater torque capacity
  • Pressure plate made from high strength SG cast iron
  • Forged clutch plate hub for maximum stength
4Terrain Ultimate Clutch Kits are a strong, durable and tough clutch while still retaining the fine modulation and accurate pedal feel required for navigating difficult terrain. Features engineered specifically for 4×4 applications include:

High Capacity Cover Assembly:
Higher Torque capacity is achieved by the use of components designed to provide the strength, thermal properties and durability required to increase torque capacity and reduce slipping over a wider temperature range.

Spheroidal Graphite Pressure Plate Casting:
Sometimes referred to as Anti Burst, dartel or nodular iron, this material provides approximately four times the burst strength of a standard cover assembly pressure plate. This increased strength not only extends the life of the casting but combined with its improved heat dissipation, allows the clutch to run cooler in extreme situations. In addition the clutch pressure plate incorporates 4T Ultimate’s exclusive ER2 patented groove design technology.

Off Road Clutch Plate:
Off Road Clutch Plate – Engineered specifically for the unique environment this design includes features unavailable elsewhere.

Two stage friction material:
Optimised point load characteristics
Premium Grade Friction Material
High Capacity Clutch Plate Hub
The combined effect of the High Capacity Cover Assembly with Spheroidal Graphite Casting and the Off Road Clutch Plate provides a rugged, strong clutch system that retains the characteristics required for driver control and comfort.

Clutch Kit Includes:

4Terrain Ultimate ER2 Clutch Cover, 4Terrain Ultimate Organic/Aramid Segmented Clutch Plate, Release Bearing, Spigot Bearing & Alignment Tool.