Nissan Navara D22 Front Diff Drop Kit


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When lifting IFS vehicles, the CV Joints are put on an increased angle. This increased angle of the CV during vehicle
operation can accelerate the wear on the joint, in addition to putting extra stress on the CV boots resulting in splitting and eventually premature wear of the CV. This wear is accelerated further if larger (wider) wheels and tyres are fitted.
The Roadsafe Navara D22 Diff Drop Kit is a bolt on solution to correct the geometry of the front driveshaft and CV’s, lowering the front diff by approx. 27mm, thus reducing the angles the CV joints need to operate on, and avoiding the expensive replacements of CV’s and boots. The Roadsafe Navara D22 Diff Drop Kit comes complete with total replacement front crossmember in solid CNC Machined 35-43mm 1045 Carbon Steel – replacing the pressed steel OE crossmember. The Rear Crossmember is reused following installation of offset bushings to drop the rear of the diff, and reduce diff movement under torque.