Legendex 3” Exhaust DPF-back – VW Amarok 2L Twin turbo TDI420


Legendex 3″ stainless ultra-heavy duty DPF-back exhaust with 10yr Off-Road Warranty for the VW Amarok 2L Twin turbo TDI420 2011-2016

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This is Australia’s toughest 3″ stainless off-road exhaust system, in fact the only Ranger exhaust with an off-road warranty. Legendex delivers serious grunt & rumble. That means much more power, engine life and economy – and that commanding presence, that distinct sound that only Legendex delivers.

Suits: VW Amarok 2L Twin turbo TDI420 2011-2016

Part #: SET-VW-2-LEX

  • Unrivalled 10 years off-road warranty
  • 3″ 409 (exhaust grade) stainless
  • Heavy duty hangers & brackets
  • High-flow stainless packed muffler
  • Coated in 800 degree thermal paint

Over 10% power gains

You are guaranteed at least 10% gains with just the exhaust mod – but you will likely see much more – especially combined with a Legendex PCM.

Easier, safer towing

The extra power takes the stress out of towing. Hill climbs are easy. Safe, quick overtaking is back on the table. That extra power means safer manouvering.

Better fuel economy

Because your engine is more efficient it uses less fuel – typically 8-12% fuel savings. It won’t be long before your investment pays for itself.