Legendex 3” Exhaust – Navara D40 2.5L Thai Auto with DPF

Legendex 3” Exhaust – Navara D40 2.5L Thai Auto with DPF


Legendex 3″ stainless ultra-heavy duty exhaust with 10yr Off-Road Warranty for the Nissan Navara D40 2.5L TD YD25 2008-11 Thai-built Auto with DPF

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This is Australia’s toughest 3″ stainless off-road exhaust system, in fact the only Navara exhaust with an off-road warranty. Legendex delivers serious grunt & rumble. That means much more power, engine life and economy – and that commanding presence, that distinct sound that only Legendex delivers. Note: The factory DPF has a silencing effect so, while it will never sound as loud as a non-DPF exhaust, this 3″ Legendex exhaust delivers a louder and deeper sound than stock.

Nissan Navara D40 2.5L TD YD25 2008-11 Thai-built Auto DPF – Bolts to turbo, re-uses DPF

IMPORTANT: Call MYTUFF4X4 on 02 8747 0325 before ordering to ensure you receive the right D40 system variation.


  • Unrivalled 10 years off-road warranty
  • 3″ 409 (exhaust grade) stainless
  • Ceramic coated dump pipe with 30% thicker tube
  • Heavy duty hangers & brackets
  • High-flow diesel specific cat
  • High-flow stainless packed muffler
  • Coated in 800 degree thermal paint

Over 30% power gains

Paired with a Legendex PCM your Legendex exhaust will give you the maximum power gains. You are guaranteed at least 10% gains with just the exhaust mod – but we have seen 24% gains on the dyno and much more with both exhaust and PCM mods.

Easier, safer towing

The extra power takes the stress out of towing. Hill climbs are easy. Safe, quick overtaking is back on the table. That extra power means safer manouvering.

Better fuel economy

Because your engine is more efficient it uses less fuel – typically 8-12% fuel savings. It won’t be long before your investment pays for itself.

Easy DIY fit

We test fit every Legendex exhaust system on our backs in the dirt. No hoist or jacks are required. No cutting or welding. No special mechanical skills or tools are required. We only use the factory mount points and WE GUARANTEE A PERFECT FIT – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


**D40 engine variations within the model range

Nissan produced several inconsistent variations of their D40 engines in both their Spanish and Thai factories (we believe as a result of the Tsunami in Thailand). These variations include the use of different headers and turbo combinations with those headers. The result is the turbo outlet can vary in physical position within a model range and year – even by the same factory. This naturally affects the exhaust and where it connects to the turbo. We have engineered modifications to suit all known variations but we require customers to call us on 07 3203 2333 to determine which variation of exhaust will fit their particular D40.


*No Cat configuration option: Available for designated off-road use, track use and agricultural exemptions. We recommend fitting a catalytic converter. The benefits outweigh the minimal disadvantages. The advantages include: prevention of turbo over-spooling by clever design on our part, clean emissions, legal on-road compliance (required where the vehicle was originally fitted with a cat).  Because we use a high-flow cat, the effect on engine performance is insignificant – less than 2% difference as measured on a dyno.