DT-LBMC25 LED Light Bar Mounting Clamp

$120.00 $95.00

2.5″ Drivetech 4×4 LED Light Bar Mounting Clamp Sold As Pair

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Light bar mounting clamps are now available to suit bullbars and roll bars. These mount clamps are a secure way to fasten the full range of Drivetech
4×4 LED lights. Finished in black alloy with the Drivetech 4×4 logo ensures that the clamps are long lasting, and look great on any vehicle.
Each clamp comes with an insulator so the surface you clamp them to is protected and minimises vibration. Nuts, bolts and washers are all stainless
steel to prevent rust. They are easy to install and easy to adjust.
Can be used for multiple applications such as Drivetech 4×4 round spot and flood lights; communications and radio aerials; safety flags and all single mount driving lights.