Big Boy Intercoolers Nissan Navara D23 NP300


Legendex Big Boy intercooler for the Nissan Navara NP300 D23 2016+

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Big Boy Logo v5

Cool Under Pressure

Move over kiddies – the Big Boys are here! Big, new, man-size plumbing so even the hardest working bloke (and his 4WD) can stay cool under pressure. With more efficiently cooled charged-air temperatures, you get great power gains. That means better performance for towing, off-road and hillclimbs. A more efficient engine means better fuel economy and longer engine life..

Big Cool

Superior low-speed cooling… over two times more efficient cooling than stock. Huge improvement for towing uphill and off-road driving. Larger capacity, bigger, better plumbing and flow dynamics.

intercooler dyno V8 RD v7
The Navara NP300 achieved up to 22% gain in torque compared to stock (dyno pic to come)- results differ between vehicle. Up to 32% torque gains for a V8 Landcruiser (pictured). The 3L Hilux achieved up to 17% torque gains, while the 2.8L Colorado achieved up to 29% gains.

Big Power

Significant torque/hp gains in the everyday driving range with all-round gains as well. As the Big Boy intercoolers range continues to grow we will endeavor to provide the performance stats on each vehicle. Note: results may differ between vehicles.

Big Core – Better Location

We have increased the core size dramatically compared to the stock core and moved it up to a safer position than stock. The stock position is so low that it is easily damaged in off-road driving.


Big Tune-ability

Lower EGTs give tuners greater variables to work with than stock intercoolers. At last you can get performance tuning on DPF-equipped vehicles.

Big Economy

Fuel savings are a big bonus. Cooler charge air from the Big Boy intercooler produces more efficient power – and that translates directly to less fuel consumption – and longer engine life because the engine is not having to work as hard.