HD Torsion Bar Set – Frontera UT

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Dobinsons Spring and Suspension’s range of heavy duty 4wd torsion bars are manufactured from high quality micro alloy steel with a thicker bar diameter than the original vehicle torsion bars to improve performance when accessories are fitted. When vehicles are fitted with additional accessories such as steel bullbars, winches, dual battery kits and other frontal accessories the weight placed on the torsion bars can be dramatically increased.


The factory torsion bars fitted to the vehicle will not withstand the additional weight placed on the vehicle and will be prone to sag and will offer poor handling and offroad performance. Dobinsons heavy duty 4wd torsion bars feature increased spring rate (thicker bar diameter) to better handle the additional weight and provide far improved handling, ride height and offroad performance.


Rate Increase

Length 1000mm or 1220mm

Fits Front

TB21-1547 or TB21-1549

Two (2) Torsion Bars