Clearview Towing Mirrors | Ford Ranger | 2006 to 2011


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Coming July 2021: The New Compact Mirror!

As Announced at the National 4X4 Show in Brisbane, the new Compact mirror is set to roll on from July 2021. Having the same extension distance as our Original and Next Gen mirrors, the Compact is the perfect towing mirror for your smaller vehicles or vehicles with service bodies. We are not taking back-orders for the Compact, so keep your eyes out for any news and updates on our social media sites and website. For information about the Compact mirror, click here.

Next Gen & Original Mirror Stock Status

After the initial massive response to our Next Gen mirrors launch late last year we are now happy to announce that all available Next Gen mirrors are being dispatched in an average of 6 weeks from order date.

Our Original mirrors have a 4 to 5 day lead time to dispatch on full mirrors and parts from receipt of orders.

We have also had the chance to focus on expanding our range of Next Gen’s to include the current Dodge Ram and a Power Fold option for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. We are currently working on the final validation of these new models and expect they will be available in the middle of 2021.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing a lot more of our mirrors out there on the road assisting you on your next adventure.


Mike and the Clearview Team

Clearview Towing Mirrors are supplied with plug and play wiring for easy installation when supplied with features replacing identical existing side mirror features. This means the features listed below will only operate as described if the feature existed in your standard side mirrors prior to being replaced with Clearview Towing Mirrors.

Original Clearview Mirrors

Electric Glass

Electrically adjustable upper flat mirror glass. Small lower convex mirror glass not available. Spare Parts available for purchase through our Spare Parts Store.

Manual Glass

Manually adjust upper flat mirror glass. Spare Parts available for purchase through our Spare Parts Store.

Convex Glass

Manually adjustable lower convex mirror glass for more vision in your blind spots. Large upper convex mirror glass available as an extra purchase item on our Spare Parts Store.

Indicators/Turn Signal

Lights on the outside of the mirror head will illuminate when you turn your indicator on. Indicators are required to be in Clearview Mirrors by law if you have pre-existing indicators in your OEM (Original Electric Mirror) mirror. Spare Parts available for purchase through our Spare Parts Store.

Heated Glass

Heated upper large flat glass with help de-mist your mirrors in frosty weather. This works off the vehicle de-mister. This feature will require hard wiring if your vehicle does not contain the pre-existing heated glass feature. Small heated lower convex mirror not available. Spare Parts available for purchase through our Spare Parts Store.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

Not Available for this Model.

Manual-folding base mount

Mirrors will fold manually inwards towards the vehicle working off a cam and pin mechanism. Mirrors will be required to be folded by hand. This item is available to purchase separately, please contact Clearview Accessories directly for more information.

Power-folding base mount
Not Available for this model

36 Month Product Warranty (Conditions Apply)

Electrically Operated Large Flat Mirrors

Manually Operated Small Convex Mirrors

Black or Chrome Finish

Manual Extension for Towing

Only if Ordered

Puddle Light

Electrically Operated Fold-in and/or Extension

Auto-Dip for Reverse

Cameras (any kind)

Memory Adjustments

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

(Power) Fold-in and/or Extension