Clearview Next Generation Towing Mirrors Suits 200 Series Lexus LX 570


Estimated 4-6 weeks turnaround time

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As industrial strength as our original mirror, our Next Gen mirror offers not just superior vision as a towing mirror but also greatly improves your view and safety as your regular driving mirror.


Key Features:

  • ADR Compliant – Legal Australia Wide!
  • Smaller head than Original Mirror
  • Sturdy steel arm construction with telescopic 2 stage slide out extension
  • Attaches to your original vehicle mirror mounts
  • 3 telescopic arm positions: Normal driving position, First towing position, Extended towing position
  • Large top flat glass for optimum vision and safety with optional electronic adjustability.
  • Choice of Manual Fold or Power Fold base
  • Repositioned manually adjustable convex bottom mirror to sit higher above the window line improving visibility
  • Smaller frame size and overall shape reduces wind resistance
  • 3 in 1 Category 6 LED indicator light available: Includes clearance light & courtesy light – both need to be hard wired
  • Sits back in close to the car when not towing
  • Extends only 351mm from vehicle when retracted – 3” closer than the original Clearview generation
  • Extends up to 531mm from vehicle at full extension and 448mm at middle Position



  • Suitable for Toyota  LandCruiser 200 Series
  • Lexus LX 570



  • Clearview Accessories do not provide an aftermarket solution for the cameras.
  • At this stage, you must transfer the camera from the original mirror and install to the Clearview Mirrors.
  • We suggest having the cameras fitted by a qualified dealer or an Auto Electrician willing to tackle the Job.
  • This is not a feature available for vehicles that do not contain a camera in the OEM mirror.
  • Installing cameras to the Next Gen is a lot easier to install than the Original mirror head.
  • You just remove the cap underneath the head, insert camera and re-attach cap underneath the head again.


  • Only vehicles that have the 360° feature on their OEM mirrors will be able to accommodate the Clearview camera feature.
  • There are no options to upgrade to this feature if it is not a standard feature on your vehicle.