The Best 4WD Snorkels on the Market in 2019

Best 4WD Snorkels

The Best 4WD Snorkels on the Market in 2019

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Snorkels are a crucial element of every 4WD. Particularly for those of us who are outdoor-obsessed and like to make the most of our automobile beasts, a quality snorkel can ensure peak performance.

Do you hang in the left lane in an attempt to catch every puddle, just to get that river crossing adrenalin feeling? Then, yes, we are talking to you.

Your snorkel is the central feature allowing for engine air intake to be captured at the height of your vehicle, rather than at the bonnet. In the short term, a snorkel means no water or dirty air can enter into your engine and damage it. It will stop destruction to the internal elements of your vehicle and it will allow for faster engine speed.

Down the line, the best snorkel for your car will result in less maintenance costs, and many reports state that it can even improve fuel efficiency. Needless to say, a snorkel will also make you look like the real deal.

But, where do 4WD enthusiasts begin looking? With so many accessories available on the market, it can be difficult to know what is the most popular 4WD snorkel?

As a team dedicated to the industry, we can recommend our top snorkels in 2019 based on quality, performance and price.

1. Dobinsons Snorkels
The Dobinsons brand have been creating 4WD accessories for more than fifty years. Although their specialty is 4WD coil and leaf springs, they are increasingly becoming recognised for their other popular 4WD accessories, including snorkels.

When searching in the correct places, you can find Dobinsons snorkels online and at affordable price points. Generally, a quality snorkel from Dobinsons will set you back $250-$350 AUD, meaning they are some of the cheapest 4WD snorkels in Australia. Their product range includes snorkels for all major 4WD varieties, including the Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Patrol and Ford Ranger.

Dobinsons snorkels are regarded as some of the toughest and most reliable snorkels on the market. Their durable nature means they can withstand the most challenging environments without becoming cracked or damaged. It is vital to choose renowned brands, like Dobinsons, instead of cheap imitation snorkels so that your product can fit your car correctly and have a long lasting nature.

2. Safari Snorkels
Safari are another well-known brand for 4WD snorkels. Similarly to Dobinsons, their range is extensive. Regardless of the make of your vehicle – whether it be Holden, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi or Mazda – there will be a Safari snorkel to suit.

Each and every one of the Safari snorkels currently available is UV resistant, so the snorkel will be unaffected by harsh climates. Additionally, the thickness of the snorkels ensure that they can bear significant knocks and bumps without breaking. Their price point is generally a touch higher than their competitor, Dobinson, but the brand ensures the strength of their snorkels equal increased value.

Safari is an Australian owned and operated company, and hence it is a trusted Australian snorkel brand. Many critics comment on the rounded style air ram which allows for optimised air flow. As a testament to their quality, some Safari products, such as the ARMAX V6 Snorkel, come with a lifetime warranty.

3. Stainless Steel Snorkels
As an alternative to the common cross linked polyethylene material or plastic, some off-roading enthusiasts are turning to the best stainless steel snorkels. Typically, it is said that the steel offers more robustness and greater durability than other plastic varieties. They also appear slicker and shinier on the outer of your vehicle and better match the rest of the car’s exterior.

Critics are still questioning whether stainless steel snorkels are actually better than plastic, but some purchasers are confident that the steel material allows for better air flow and structural sturdiness.

In many cases, steel snorkels are more expensive. However, you can still purchase a stainless steel snorkel for cheap online. Depending on the make of your vehicle, you can expect to pay $700-$800 AUD for a stainless steel option. With an air box included, you may be looking at around $1,550 AUD.

The best snorkel for your make and model.
Ultimately, the best snorkel for you will depend on your unique budget and specific 4WD make/model. When shopping at an online 4WD snorkel store, you will have the opportunity to browse a variety of brands and compare their individual features and abilities.

Of course, once you have chosen your perfect snorkel, the next task is to install it. Correct and sturdy installation of 4wd accessories ensures that they will perform as anticipated on your vehicle. The experienced team at MYTUFF4WD can not only recommend an ideal snorkel for your vehicle, but they will also handle the installation process. As a full service, fully certified mechanical workshop, you can rest assured that the installation of your 4wd snorkel will be placed in reliable hands.

For any queries, you can contact the MYTUFF4WD team today.

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