Top 30 Most Popular Products In Our Store


Top 30 Most Popular Products In Our Store

If you’ve just purchased a new 4WD or are looking to upgrade your current vehicle, you might be wondering what some of the most popular 4WD accessories are.

The best 4WD products for you will depend on your specific needs and what you want to achieve with your vehicle. However, this list of our top 30 most popular products might help you get some inspiration for your vehicle and think about what tools you might need to upgrade your vehicle.

  1. Dobinsons suspension lift kits.

Suspension lifts are a highly sought-after upgrade for most 4WD owners. A suspension lift raises the ride height of your vehicle and can allow for better performance off-road, better ability to tow a great load, and more comfortable experience in the cabin of the car.

  1. 4WD flare kits.
  2. Air compressors.

Air compressors are essential if you plan to lower your tyres in remote locations. A quality air compressor will allow you to pump your tyres back up to the desired level when returning from gravel to bitumen.

  1. Clutch kits.
  2. Diff breather kit.
  3. Bull bar.

Bull bars can protect your vehicle in the case of an accident or collision. A bull bar can be installed to the front of your vehicle and provide protection if you hit an animal or otherwise while travelling in country areas.

  1. Airbag kits.
  2. Clearview power boards.
  3. EGR canopy.
  4. Front upper control arms.
  5. LED lighting.

There are a range of LED lighting options available, including LED driving light spot beams and LED light bars.

  1. Intercooler kits.
  2. G turbo upgrade.
  3. Oil catch can kits.
  4. Nudge bar.
  5. Snorkels.

A 4WD snorkel is important if you plan to do water crossings or river crossings in your 4WD. It ensures water doesn’t cause damage to your vehicle, and allows air to transfer into the vehicle through a higher point.

  1. Rear sway bar kit.
  2. Side steps.
  3. SumoSprings.
  4. Throttle controller.
  5. Towing mirrors.

If you plan to tow a caravan or trailer, it’s essential that you get towing mirrors as an accessory for your 4WD. This will ensure your visibility isn’t being hindered and you can continue to drive safely.

  1. Winches.
  2. Underbody armour.
  3. Trailer braking.
  4. Recovery gear.
  5. UHF CB radios.

To communicate with our vehicles on the road, UHF CB radios are an important accessory. They can be used even the most remote locations, so you can talk to cars in your fleet or other travellers out and about.

  1. Soft Tonneau Covers.
  2. Diff drop kits.
  3. Side awnings.
  4. Dash cameras.

Dash cameras are a tool to track your travels and record events happening in and outside of your car. If you want to have a record of your off-roading or know what’s happening around your car when you’re not there, a dash cam may be an affordable and easy-to-use accessory for you.

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