Top 4WD Products For Your Christmas Wish List


Top 4WD Products For Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas is only a few days away, so there isn’t much time left for buying presents and preparing for the festive occasion. If you are desperately searching for last-minute gifts and needing inspiration, why not choose gifts that are practical and useful for your gift receivers?

Car gifts are a sure way to make a mechanically minded loved one smile, and there are a range of appropriate gifting products that can be bought depending on your budget.

The four below products are being considered as the hottest 4WD aftermarket products available right now, and they are also set to be the most trendy items for the New Year. Whether you are looking for gift ideas, items to put on your own Christmas wish list, or ways you spend your Christmas gift money, our online aftermarket product store has you covered.

  1. Suspension lift kits.

Just like in previous years, lift kits are extremely popular among off-road enthusiasts. Not only does a lift make your vehicle look awesome, but it can help you carry more weight in the car, have increased clearance while driving, and better handling when towing a trailer or van. Dobinson’s suspension lift kits are one of the most popular varieties on the market. If purchasing a lift kit for somebody else, be sure to check that you are getting the appropriate lift kit for their specific car make and model. Chatting with a mechanic may help you better understand the most appropriate suspension options.

  1. Air compressors.

Now that Summer has rolled around, many 4WD owners will be hitting the beach and preparing for dune driving. This means letting some air out of the tyres to maximise tyre grip on the sand. Without an air compressor, a visit to the nearest petrol station is a frustrating must-do venture after a day at the beach. We recommend the Dobinson 12V Heavy Duty Air Compressor for quickly and easily pumping up your tyres before you hit the bitumen.

  1. 4WD recovery gear.

When heading out bush and into remote locations, it’s important to have a wide range of recovery gear to ensure you can get yourself out of a sticky situation. Some popular 4WD recovery items include: kinetic recovery ropes, snatch straps and winches.

  1. Side awnings.

A 4WD awning provides a shady space next to your vehicle when you are camping or spending a day in the great outdoors. They roll up into a compact bag that is conveniently positioned atop doors and on the side of your roof. Most awnings can easily mount to your roof racks, and we have a variety of cheap car awnings available on our website.


Want to purchase any of these products as a gift for a loved one, or for yourself so you can stay atop the trends for 2021? Jump onto our online 4WD store and browse our digital shop.

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