What Are The Most Essential 4WD Items You Need When Heading To The Outback?


What Are The Most Essential 4WD Items You Need When Heading To The Outback?

Most 4WD owners purchase their beloved vehicle with the intention of taking it to remote places. The beauty of Australia is that there are so many isolated and surreal destinations that can be found in nooks and crannies across the country. Our Great Southern Land is full of brilliant camping destinations and touring locations, and a 4WD road trip is the best way to fully experience these outback wonders.

Before embarking on a trip to the Aussie outback, it is important that you prepare your vehicle and ensure you have all the essential gear necessary. The team at MYTUFF4X4 have pulled together a small list of gear and products that are essential when heading out to the remote outdoors. One thing’s for sure – you can never be too prepared!

  1. Ample recovery gear.

Outback roads are notoriously poor in Australia. The remoteness of some communities means there is rarely any maintenance conducted on their local roads. Even some highways can become unruly, particularly in the wet season up North. Therefore, it’s vital that you carry sufficient vehicle recovery gear to get yourself out of a sticky situation. As a minimum, we suggest you carry a bow shackle, high lift jack, and kinetic recovery rope. You might want to do some research prior to your trip to learn how to best use each item.

  1. A 4WD snorkel.

Particularly if travelling in the northern regions of Australia, you should acquire a 4WD snorkel to help your vehicle perform at its best when completing river crossings. The snorkel ensures clean air can still be filtered through your vehicle, even when parts of it are submerged in water.

  1. Communications devices.

In the outback, it’s unlikely you will have any phone reception. Therefore, GME UHF CB radios can be helpful for communicating with other travellers and vehicles. One of these radios can be the difference between life and death if you get stuck in an isolated area.

  1. LED lightning.

If you plan on travelling throughout the night, it’s essential that you carry LED lighting. Most regional roads don’t have street lighting, so you will need to have enough power and brightness emitting from your vehicle to fully light the road ahead. This will also help you spot wildlife in the distance and drive accordingly.

  1. 4WD suspension lift kit.

While a suspension lift isn’t necessarily essential for outback travel, it could become beneficial if you want to travel on 4WD-only tracks. A Dobinsons lift kit will give your vehicle the ground clearance it needs to get over rocks and uneven ground without causing any damage.

To browse more 4WD aftermarket products and 4WD gear, visit the MYTUFF4X4 website today. We have a wide range of vehicle parts to help you stay safe and protect your vehicle when you decide to venture into the unknown. As experienced vehicle parts suppliers, we can provide the best advice regarding specific products for your vehicle and upcoming trip.

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