What is the best 4WD suspension lift kit in 2019?

Suspension Lift Kit

What is the best 4WD suspension lift kit in 2019?

Four wheel driving enthusiasts are known for nothing less than big, beefy cars and big, beefy adventures. Those in the off-roading scene understand the importance of a large robust vehicle that can allow them to do… pretty much anything they want.

Amidst some come and go trends of the four wheel driving world is one particular craze that has now been relentlessly popular for many years.

Suspension lifts
Upon purchasing a new off-roading vehicle, many are quick to install a lift on their vehicle. Most owners of a 4WD or SUV swear by it. However, few can agree on what lift kit is the greatest value for money or has the most trustworthy products within.

As a trusted 4WD online store, we understand the ins and outs of lift kits. We can also recommend the best suspension lift package to assist with the safe and sturdy lifting of your car body.

First of all, it is important to evaluate exactly what a suspension lift is and why you may want one for your vehicle. Then, we can begin discussing the most popular lift kits and what kit will suit your car best.

What are 4WD lift kits?
A suspension lift is a modification to your four wheel drive that effectively raises the ride height. It lifts the car body higher than its original state. The most common reasons for a suspension lift include:

  • Higher ground clearance
  • Steeper approach
  • Steeper departure
  • Easier access to underbody of vehicle
  • Ability to install larger tyres
  • Better visibility from car seats
  • Potential to tow a greater weight
  • Extremely attractive visual appeal

A lift kit is a package that contains all of the tools and parts necessary to complete a suspension lift. The actual pieces that are included will depend on what brand of lift kit it is. Typically, it could include items like lift blocks, spacers, axles, and coil springs. Certain vehicle makes and models may also need specific materials to complete the suspension lift.

Although some car owners prefer to have their lift completed by a trained mechanic, others are willing to do the job themselves by purchasing their own lift kit. Lift kits are an aftermarket 4WD package, so they are predominantly sold online through off-roading stores.

Even if you want installation conducted by a professional, most mechanics will still require you to purchase the lift kit for them to perform the suspension lift with.

What are the most popular lift kits in Australia right now?
As with any four wheel drive product, there are a number of brands making lift kits. With each and every company claiming they have the best lift kits around, it can be difficult to understand which kit is actually the most useful.

Some of the common brands associated with suspension lift kits are:

  • Dobinsons
  • Bilstein
  • Tough Dog
  • EFS
  • Fox

Dobinsons are Bilstein are both Australian based companies, so their products can have cheaper shipping than international brands. They also understand the current Australian laws surrounding suspension lifts and only create legal equipment that meets local standards.

As a suspension lift is a serious and significant modification to a vehicle, it is best to purchase a trusted brand through a reliable 4WD store. Both Dobinsons and Bilstein lift kits are generally cheaper when purchased through online stores.

The best-selling lift kit in Australia.
Undoubtedly, one of the best-selling lift kit brands is Dobinsons. Regardless of whether you have a Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Pajero or other SUV/4WD ute type, Dobinsons will have a lift kit to suit.

Dobinsons lift kits are custom built in Australia, for Australian conditions. One of their most popular products at the moment is the Dobinsons Monotube Suspension Kit which comes with the ability to adjust ride height in the front of the vehicle. This can be particular beneficial for anybody looking to level out their front end to take into consideration the weight of a bulbar, dual battery or winch.

Ultimately, your choice of lift kit will depend on your unique budget, brand understandings and vehicle model type.

At MYTUFF4X4 we proudly sell a variety of lift kits to suit a range of vehicles and financial plans. All of the lift kits sold in our online 4WD store have been tested and tried for quality and durability. We sell products and equipment from trusted brands that produce quality materials. To put it simply: if you are purchasing from MYTUFF4X4, you can are buying superiority and reliability.

We even offer competitively cheap lift kits in comparison to other aftermarket 4WD online stores.

To make the process of purchasing your lift kit even easier, we offer instant customer care support. When you have questions about the best lift kit for your vehicle, feel welcome to chat to our qualified team.

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